Direct Termination
Ultimate solution for operators whose retail subscribers demand the premier quality and superior features (such as CLI) with competitive market rates.
Wholesale Termination
For A-Z Countries is designed for network operators whose retail subscribers expect high QoS at competitive market rates.
Retail Service
Dedicated to provide hassle-free, premium quality PIN-less calling services using softphone at the most competitive rates.
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Our Company


"Keep company with good men, and you'll increase their number"


Royal Green Communication is known to be one of the leading international voice traffic carriers in Asia. Founded in 2012, the company has its representative offices across the Globe. Royal Green Communication unquestionable attributes - reliability, dynamism and innovation - allow the company to successfully develop new services, find new markets and offer effective telecom solutions.


We deal in wholesale VoIP and SMS traffic transit trading. Due to its expertise and a wide range of partners the company offers wholesale VoIP services at competitive prices.

Royal Green Communication has gained a reputation of a stable and reliable partner through many years of successful cooperation with more then 70 Tier 1 telecom and around 200 mid-sized carriers. We always look for the most effective ways of interaction and provide services and solutions of the highest quality.

Our entire network is built up using carrier grade equipment, switching and hardware from vendors such as Cisco and Sonus, through to cutting edge open-source software to handle switching and application logic. All of our equipment adheres to strict SIP standards.

Each node within the network has at least one hot standby and will seamlessly switch over without interrupting signaling, all active calls will be maintained.

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